We provide parents and carers with a clear outline about absence procedures, the school, and the Local Authority responses to poor pupil attendance.

The school are clear in promoting high levels of attendance and taking action where there are unsatisfactory reasons for absence.

School attendance is important for learning and there are strong research results that state pupils who attend achieve better outcomes. We understand that there will be times when absence is unavoidable and acceptable.

Types of Absence

Each absence is classed as authorised or unauthorised. Absences are coded as authorised where reasons are considered valid and unauthorised where no explanation or unacceptable reasons are given.

Unacceptable Reasons

The following reasons are not acceptable:

  • shopping visits
  • care for family members
  • days out
  • parents’ work commitments or business trips
  • holidays taken in term time (including long weekends taken on Fridays and/or Mondays)
  • parental illness
  • sleeping in / missing taxi

Unauthorised absences will be referred to the Dorset Attendance Support Service.

Good attendance should be 95% for the year, with outstanding attendance above 96%. Anything below 94% is weak, under 90% is poor and if attendance dips below 85% we will have serious concerns. Below 85% is regarded as persistent absence by the DFE and may be referred to the children missing education officer.

We are aiming for every pupil to achieve attendance levels of at least 95%. We monitor attendance and provide termly reports on each pupil’s attendance. At the end of each half term we identify all those pupils whose attendance has fallen below 90% and we then monitor the pupils’ attendance on a weekly basis and hope to see a pattern of unbroken weeks developing.

Attendance Figures

Please be aware that if parents/carers fail to contact the school and we are unaware of the whereabouts of a student we may have to call 101 to report a missing child.

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