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At Harbour Vale School we understand the importance of working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students. We want our students to Believe in themselves, Achieve to the highest level, and to Succeed in their plans and aspirations, towards a successful adult life. At Harbour Vale School, we aim to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to return to mainstream school at the soonest opportunity, with a collective and cohesive focus on progress.

Upon entry, and led by the SENDCo, in partnership with the Administration and Leadership Team, each young person will have their needs, progress targets and outcome destinations clearly planned and identified. We will achieve this by gaining a rounded understanding of each student through baseline activities, including academic, Boxall, REAL and CAT tests etc. The students previous setting will be required to provide particular information before entry.

Once Baseline and Admission protocol has been completed, it will then be a combination of the Tutor, Pupil Programme Officer and SENDco to define the best and most appropriate curriculum and learning diet for each pupil towards clearly defined and person-centred outcomes: an Inclusion Support Plan. Inclusion Support Plans will then be shared across the school, with the Family (with specific support input from the Family Worker, as required), with the placing school or authority, and the destination school. All areas of focus within the Inclusion Support Plans will be closely monitored by the HVS Team, tracked on a half-termly basis.

Alongside the above students will have the opportunity to take part in various alternative provisions such as forest school, sailing, horse riding, and land based studies to name a few. These aim to build on the individual’s emotional targets and support academic outcomes

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