Harbour Vale School -

Harbour Vale School provides a friendly, safe and welcoming environment.

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Our curriculum is designed to enable our students to achieve their full potential.

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We provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to be successful members of society.


We treat every student as an individual with their own wants, needs, gifts and talents.

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Welcome to
Harbour Vale School

Harbour Vale School provides alternative education for students aged 11-16 who are unable to access mainstream education. We pride ourselves on having a child-centered approach and embrace the school ethos of:

Believe, Achieve, Succeed.


DfE Advice: COVID-19

24 Feb 20

The Department for Education has issued the following advice for parents and carers: The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking action at home and abroad. The...



27 Jan 20

          Following two weeks of mock exams some of our students enjoyed a change of pace with a reward trip, 10 Pin Bowling, both staff and students had...


Art Trip

13 Dec 19

Students recently visited the Bootmakers in Wincanton, a creative workshop which also has a lovely pizza oven where they made tasty pizzas to eat for lunch and produced some lovely stencil paintings.


Christmas Wreath Making

13 Dec 19

Students enjoyed making Christmas Wreaths along with Mulled soft drinks, mince pies and cake


Charity Events

13 Dec 19

Considering we are a small school we have a lot to give, we have actively taken part in several charity fundraising events this year. Staff and students have been invited to wear...


PSHE: #EndPeriodPoverty

23 Sep 19

As part of our PHSE programme and along with the National Schools Partnership,  we recently registered for the Always & Tampax ‘About You’ puberty education initiative,  #EndPeriodPoverty which provides free sanitary products...


Kellogg’s grant to help fund our school breakfasts

13 Jun 19

Harbour Vale School has received a boost from Kellogg’s again this year, by being awarded a grant worth £1,000 to help fund our school breakfasts. These grants really help our school, a...


Victoria Rashleigh, Head of School

I hope that our school website provides you with all the information you need to know about our school. Harbour Vale School staff and governors are committed to making a difference to every student who attends, supporting them to move on successfully

We are a short stay alternative provision for students who have been permanently excluded from mainstream education, for students who may be at risk of permanent exclusions(dual registered) , students who have specific medical needs and students who need SEND assessments from Year 7-11, located in Sherborne, North Dorset.

Harbour Vale prides itself on having a child-centred approach and we base all of our communication on our school ethos of

Believe Achieve Succeed


Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

The majority of students arrive with significant gaps in their learning, we aim to tackle their barriers to learning before challenging them on their academic achievements.

We provide students with the right support and interventions to allow students to be successful, build self-confidence, become more resilient, with a broad and balanced curriculum, alongside a range of activities and opportunities that support them to re-integrate and engage back in mainstream education or a specialist school settings, or move on to college or an apprenticeship with the correct academic achievements enable this to happen.

We are a ‘trauma informed school’ and approach all students with these practices. We will support the students with their emotional literacy, mentoring opportunities, sports coaching, anger management, emotion coaching, mental health first aid, sensory opportunities and family workshops.

All of the above is to ensure our students get supported with all aspects of school life, academically and emotionally to become resilient and independent learners who can manage their own behaviour, emotional and ultimately the next step in their young lives.


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