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Covid Testing

7 Jan 21

Staff completed their training on Monday to enable us to carry out Lateral Flow Testing for both staff and students. One of the classrooms has been set up for testing, with registrations...


PSHE: #EndPeriodPoverty

23 Nov 20

As part of our PHSE programme and along with the National Schools Partnership,  we have registered for the Always & Tampax ‘About You’ puberty education initiative,  #EndPeriodPoverty which provides free sanitary products...


Coronavirus Guidelines for Parents

17 Nov 20

Thank you to parents and carers for following the guidelines that are in place to keep you, your child, your family and your school community safe. Here is an important reminder of the...


Building Work

11 Nov 20

We have been excited this week to see the start of the building work for our new reception and classroom. Students have had the opportunity to speak to Tim, the Site Foreman,...


Face Coverings Guidance, November 2020

6 Nov 20

As you will be aware schools and education settings will remain open during the new restrictions from today until 2nd December.  There is an expectation that your child attends school and attendance procedures will be followed in...


Remembrance 2020

5 Nov 20

  This years fantastic remembrance display has been made using the bottom of recycled plastic bottles cut and painted to look like poppies  


Kellogg’s grant to help fund our school breakfasts

22 Oct 20

Harbour Vale School has received a boost from Kellogg’s again this year, by being awarded a grant worth £1,000 to help fund our school breakfasts. These grants really help our school, a...


Thank you

6 Oct 20

We received a lovely thank you card today from the parents of one of our 2020 Year 11 leavers. To every member of staff at Harbour Vale School,  from the head through...


Covid symptoms: Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?

17 Sep 20

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