Key Stage 4 Curriculum


What do we want this curriculum to achieve?

We want all students to leave us:

  • as Successful Learners
  • Ready to Live Life to the full
  • and be Responsible Citizens

We know that our students come to us with diverse needs that create barriers preventing them achieving this fully. Harbour Vale’s curriculum is designed to break down these barriers and so enable our students to achieve their full potential and move on to the next stage in life.

The curriculum provides students with the necessary skills and abilities to be happy and confident individuals and to be successful members of society.

The curriculum promotes tolerance of and respect for people of other faiths, cultures and lifestyles. We celebrate and appreciate all respectful and kind points of view and promote an appreciation of the richness and diversity that exists in the world.

This is our aim for all our students.


In order to do this we need students with opportunities to become physically fit and healthy, active participants in the life and the development of the school, encouraged and enabled to try new experiences and helped to develop determination and ambition.We also need to make sure we identify and then meet their needs, in particular any learning, sensory or communication needs.

Many of our students are unable to progress significantly with their learning because they are unable to manage their own behaviour or emotions sufficiently. The key to enabling young people to become able to do this is to help them establish a professional relationship with a trusted adult.

Activities for all students

Small group work, and regular whole-centre activities such as walks and meals, enables students to build positive relationships with adults. This, with high quality teaching and learning, is the foundation on which all our work is based.

All students follow an individualised curriculum comprising of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and XL+ as well as additional vocational, creative or academic subjects. This individualisation means students are more able to become successful learners with the skills to live life fully.

All students take part in a physical or sporting activity each week. Activities available include horse riding, power-boating, fishing, sailing, football, gym and a range of outdoor education activities. These activities help students to live life fully and become good citizens by improving their health, boosting confidence through overcoming personal challenges and promoting teamwork.

All students follow the Princes Trust XL programme. This programme helps students become successful learners by completing the course and learning useful study skills; helps them live life fully by teaching them many life skills; and helps them become responsible citizens by promoting teamwork and teaching them about community and charity work. It helps students develop a tolerance and respect for people of different cultures, faiths and lifestyles and gives them the opportunity to discuss British values.

Students learn about e-safety and the dangers of extremism in the XL programme and in other subjects and also through lessons delivered by the Safer Schools and Community Team.

All students take part in Sex and Relationships Education which is delivered by a specialist teacher commissioned specifically for this work.

All students go on at least one educational trip or visit each year. These trips contribute towards subjects helping our students tobecome successful learners. New experiences help them to appreciate what life has to offer. Being out in the wider world helps them to learn how to become responsible citizens.

Activities for most students

Additional activities are available to all students but no students will take part in all of the following.

Future Roots, through Rylands Farm. This helps students become responsible citizens ready to live life fully by helping them to understand where food comes from, encouraging the to take responsibility for themselves, other people and animals and encouraging them to work in a team.

Work experience helps to prepare students for life after school and teaches them skills they will need for work and to be responsible citizens.

ELSA teaches students emotional literacy. This means they are more able to manage their emotions and behaviour and so more likely to be able to learn successfully, to be more able to appreciate what life has to offer and to be more able to get on with other people and so be responsible citizens.

Activities within lessons

Students in lessons are given opportunities to:

  • reflect on and talk about what they have learnt;
  • work both individually and in groups;
  • experience success;
  • build positive relationships with adults and with each other; and
  • gain recognised qualifications.

We show that we value what students do by displaying their work, maintaining a purposeful, clean and tidy environment for them to work in and telling them how well they’ve done (and how they can do even better) through verbal and written feedback.

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